8 – 11.12.2020

Online festival celebrating
games with social impact

About the festival

Join us for a conversation about video games, which address the most vital and complex issues faced by societies all over the world – mental health, inequality, consumerism, ecology, migration, ideology, fake news.

Meet game creators, teachers, educators, activists, policy makers and researchers and explore ways in which games can become effective tools of social change.

Main topics include: games for children and classrooms; games encouraging critical thinking and fostering empathy; accessibility; cross-sector cooperation.

Participation is free of charge.



The fashionable term “accessibility” postulates doing away with the barriers faced by gamers with disabilities… And not just them. During the fourth day of Games for Impact (December 11) we will talk about how designing games with accessibility in mind increases the comfort of all audiences.
Can video games teach history, biology, physics? Address loneliness, depression, death? Fix capitalism, tackle fake news, burst ideological bubbles?
Can video games offer kids anything except pure entertainment? This War of Mine has been added to the school curriculum in Poland, so apparently the answer is yes! Are teachers and schools ready for it? Do game makers take kids’ development needs into consideration while designing games? And where do parents fit into all of that? We will discuss all that on Dec 9th, the second day of the festival.

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