Festival celebrating
games with social impact

About the festival

Join us for a conversation about video games, which address the most vital and complex issues faced by societies all over the world – mental health, inequality, consumerism, ecology, migration, ideology, fake news.

Meet game creators, teachers, educators, activists, policy makers and researchers and explore ways in which games can become effective tools of social change.

Main topics include: games for children and classrooms; games encouraging critical thinking and fostering empathy; accessibility; cross-sector cooperation.

Participation is free of charge.


We're back with a new event! A webinar called "Digital Playgrounds // Young Gamers and Critical Thinking" with Sherii Hope Culver will be live at 7pm CEST (1pm EST) on April 19th.
Throughout the festival all registered users will be able to access the Games for Impact Game Expo to browse 40 hand-picked games, big and small, divided into four categories. Watch exclusive, bit-sized videos, in which game creators explore the social and educational aspects of their games. Ask them  questions and first of all – play! Most of the showcased games are free-to-play or have demos available.
4 intense days, 4 important areas, 44 speakers from across the world and over 40 games with social impact! Discover the full program of Games for Impact 2020!

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