“Deaf” and “silver” games, or accessible gaming

The fashionable term “accessibility” postulates doing away with the barriers faced by gamers with disabilities… And not just them. During the fourth day of Games for Impact (December 11) we will talk about how designing games with accessibility in mind increases the comfort of all audiences.

The first speaker of the day will be Tara Voelker responsible for the games accessibility program in Microsoft’s American headquarters. She will talk about the solutions implemented by the Redmond tech giant in terms of both software and hardware, including the unique adaptative Xbox controller, which quickly opened the doors to gaming for multitudes of players with limited mobility. The meeting with Tara will be a unique opportunity to learn about the current “golden standard” in designing accessibility.

Bob De Schutter (Miami University) and Damian Gałuszka (AGH) will talk about the rising popularity of “silver gaming.” They will explain how to design games for older audiences and why video games can be the seniors’ chance for a better life. Karolina Stachowiak, accessibility expert at Doji studio, will talk about designing good subtitles and sound settings. She will also explain why “Fallout 76” is a particularly bad game for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Accessibility is something that should be taken into consideration at the design stage of the game… But even those who have already published their productions are not out of options.

No one knows more about the ways in which the producers of hardware and software cater to the needs of people with physical disabilities than the gamers themselves. The Polish Tekken master Adam Gajda will share some of his experiences with modern consoles and controllers and tell us how he got around the limitations of non-accessible games.

Persons with special needs who are interested in participating in the event are welcome to contact the Festival accessibility coordinator, Julia Girulska (julia.girulska@fina.gov.pl, +48723510062).

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